Determined to get up again


Wednesday 9 August 2017
My day… I have so many shortcomings.

Today I had just got home from work and was driving up to somebody’s door and God told me I needed to be ready to do evangelism there. So I said to myself OK let’s do evangelism.

There was nobody at the door but just around the corner were my 2 neighbours from Nepal. I got a bit of a shock and I didn’t say what I should have.

I thought they wouldn’t be able to understand me sharing the gospel in English and plus I had already tried witnessing to one of them and he did not accept the Bible verse John 14:6.

So I started a conversation about how they were getting on with their school work. Pretty soon one of them left and I did not get to tell him about Jesus. I did not share the gospel with Soul either.

I’m gonna get up again.

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