I got up

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Friday 11 August 2017

Just now I had an amazing experience. One of my neighbours was sitting outside smoking when I came out of the laundry. I thought ah.. ra, you know that’s too hard. But then I remembered how I wanted to get up again and do the works I did at first. So I became bold. I rolled up to him and he said “Hello” first which made things a lot easier. I said hello and said Can I ask you a good question? He said sure. I said “It’s a bit of an unusual question so you have to get ready for it.”

If you were walking into town today and a drunk driver came down the road and knocked into you and you died, and if you came up before God and God said to you give me two reasons why I should let you into Heaven, what would you say?

He thought about it for a bit. I said most people say to me because they’re good people or they have been kind to their family Toast shook his head and rolled his eyes. He was thinking about it.

I said well most people’s answers won’t get them into Heaven. Do you know why?

Well, have you ever lied? He said Yes to my parents lots of times. I said I have lied too. What do you call someone who tells lies? They are a liar right? Have you ever stolen something? He said no. I said when I was younger I stole chocolate from my grandad that makes me a Thief. I said have you always respected your father and mother. He didn’t understand the English words but I said to him you said you’ve lied to your parents that is disrespecting them.

I said, Here’s the really important thing: God is perfect, and he has to be otherwise he wouldn’t be God . And Heaven is a perfect place, it has to be otherwise it wouldn’t be Heaven. He’s nodding his head (or shaking it I can’t remember which) and saying “yes” at the appropriate times.

I said, So it looks like absolutely nobody is going to Heaven. But there is a way a liar can get to heaven. Would you like to know what it is? He said yes.

I said God sent his son Jesus to Earth to live a perfect life that we couldn’t live. Then Jesus died when he allowed people to nail him to a cross. He paid the punishment that we deserve for breaking God’s Law.

What you have to do is turn from anything you have done wrong being sorry for it, and surrender to Jesus, making him Boss of your life. When you do that God sees you as perfectly clean just like Jesus. He doesn’t see all the bad things you’ve done anymore.

Do you think you will do this sometime in your life? He said yes. This surprised me since he and his friend are professing Hindus. I didn’t emphasise that he doesn’t know when he is going to die so today might be his last chance. I should have.

I proclaimed the whole Gospel and he was listening.

Praise Jesus!

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