Out of My Comfort

Thursday 17th August 2017

I have not been out of my room to do evangelism since Saturday. Oh, with the exception of giving a Gospel tract to a painter this morning on my way out to Bible Study. I worked in the office all day yesterday and got busy recording addresses today. But I am sick of it getting to the end of the day and somebody will ask me, “Do you want the door locked?” Am I going outside to share the Gospel? I think. No, and I haven’t done it yet today either.

But I just took a break from my work and went outside to evangelize. I put one Good Person Test cartoon into the letterbox of a couple upstairs that I haven’t proclaimed the Gospel to yet.

Her name is Karen. I looked up onto the balcony when I got to the letterboxes near the door, wondering who I could give the Gospel to today. Then I saw Karen’s boyfriend going into the room, and got an idea. I can’t get up there in my wheelchair, and it’s not likely that they’d come downstairs anytime soon. So I thought If their letterbox is low enough for me to reach, I will put a tract in it. It was low enough, so I did. Two answers to prayer: evangelism done and a low enough letterbox.

That act of faith and obedience seemed to be the key which opened the door to God giving me more jobs to do, and immense joy. I was probably grinning from ear to ear as I wheeled back to my room. Along the footpath, I greeted a man called Steve, who I had never met before, and gave him a Gospel booklet to read. He said he’d read it, that he liked new, interesting things.

By the time I got in the door, my heartrate was up and I was praising God for His goodness. So I decided to write this blog. (I ran out of time so I have just finished it- Sunday 10th September.)

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