Proclaiming the Gospel Today

Wednesday 6 September 2017.


Today Today I met a young lady called Georgia.

I just got home from work and I thought maybe I should go out and find somebody to share the Gospel with. So I went before I had time to change my mind. I was already wearing my coat so I put my helmet on,  locked the door and left.

I met two young people in a car and gave the girl a tract. She had lots of badges on her blazer.

I continued on the road on the way to town. Just as I was nearing the hockey courts, I thought ‘If I go any further I am going to get too cold.’ So I thought I could go in to speak to some spectators of the hockey. I looked in the gate  and I could only see one spectator, by herself, some distance away.  I prayed that she would be willing to listen and drove in the gate. It took me a while to find her. As I  was going I prayed that God  would give me the right words to say and would give her an open heart and  open eyes to understand what I was saying.

I finally found the young lady. I said Excuse me how are you? She was putting on what looked like boxing gear so I said, “What are you getting ready for?” She answered me but I didn’t hear what she said and I didn’t know what to do. After a bit I thought ‘God wants me here for a reason, so I’d better try again.’ I asked “What are you going to do?” She said she was playing Goalie. They hit the balls pretty fast.

Next I said, “Can I ask you a good question?” She said “Yes, sure.” I said “It’s a bit of an unusual question so you have to get ready for it.” She said “Ok,” smiling.

I took her through the Gospel in our conversation, similar to this

She said she didn’t know if she’d heard the way we can get to Heaven, even though we’re thieving liars. She said, “Maybe I’ve heard it at school.” She goes to a Catholic school.

Then I gave her a little book called “How To Be Sure of Going to Heaven When We Die” ( to read and showed her the biblein11 web address. She put the book in her bag, I wished her well with her game, she said she had to go, and I said goodbye and went home.

I got home before my support person arrived to help me with a walk.


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