Evangelism Near the Polytec

Friday 8th Sept 2017

Today I went to work, did grocery shopping and bought 250 unbleached envelopes. I wanted to share the Gospel while I was in town but I had to get my food home and didn’t want to be rained on. I was a bit slow to get out my tracts to give one to a man at the traffic lights.

After I had got home and unpacked my groceries, I thought ‘I really want to be on this evangelism team and actually share the Gospel like other people I know.’ So I left as quickly as possible. I already had tracts and cards, and a raincoat on.

I was heading into town when it occurred to me that maybe I should go the other way and visit my friend at the resthome. So I turned around. This route took me up past the Polytec, and maybe I would find someone to witness to either outside the office or in the smoking area. As I neared the classes, it looked like no one was around, and I thought that maybe this was not a good idea.

Just then I spotted a lady walking towards me. I gave her a million dollar note to read the back. I gave out another four of these before I reached the resthome. At the resthome, I met a new lady called Patricia. I then went and found my friend Fem, who thought I had forgotten her, and cautioned me not to.

On the way home the streets were deserted. However, there was one person outside the Polytec office. I thought I had better give her the Gospel. Initially I was going to just give her a tract.

Her name was Anndee, she was from the Pacific Islands, and she thought a Christian was somebody who believed in God.

I said there are people who believe in God but are not Christians, asked her to imagine she died tonight and stood before God and God wanted two reasons to let her into Heaven, and what would she say? I mentioned three of the Ten Commandments, Heaven and Hell and God needing to punish criminals, and said, “It looks like we’re all headed for Hell, right? But do you know what God did so He could forgive us?” I told her, and left Anndee with a follow-up booklet and encouragement to read her Bible.

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