Evangelism in the Laundry

PICTURE: Me straight after sharing the Gospel

At about 4.30 today (15 Sept 2017) I was thinking about what to do next.

I was tempted to keep going working on my project (see ZIPPED post). I was having a good run. But I thought, I have time, I should share the Gospel today before my support worker comes. 

I unplugged my cellphone from charging, put it in my electric wheelchair, and was just about to put my helmet on when I heard crutches outside my door. God gave me an idea. Go and talk to Matt and share the Gospel with him. You don’t need your power chair. I took my helmet off and pushed my wheelchair to the door.

Outside on the footpath I thought This is crazy. How am I going to share the Gospel with Matt?  I answered myself Exactly how Mum spoke to the man in the Supermarket on Monday. Just take the plunge. Ask the question and follow on with the pattern you know. Then I thought Where even is he? He is always going out. But then I heard crutches in the laundry. The Lord hadn’t lied to me, He wanted me to share the Gospel with Matt. Dear Lord, please give this man conviction and understanding. ((wheel, wheel, wheel, up to the door of the laundry)).

Matt must have heard me coming. I pushed up the lip with ease (a rarity). He caught me by surprise by saying, “Hi Lydia, how are you doing?” (Because I was just thinking of how to greet him.) He was good. He asked me about my weekend, and asked me if I knew a particular man in a wheelchair.

He was getting ready to go, collecting his bags of clean washing, so I said

“Matt, can I ask you a good question?”

“Okay, sure.”

“It’s a bit of an unusual question, so you have to get ready for it…”

He took a deep breath, rested against the dryer, and said, “Okay, sure, go ahead.”

“Say you were driving into town tonight, and a truck came around a corner and knocked into your van, squashed you flat, and say you came before God at judgement, and God said to you: “Matt, give me two reasons why I should let you into Heaven?”, What would you say?”

(Thinking) “I don’t really know.”

“Well most people say, ‘Because I’m a good person, and I do what’s ethical.'”

(Thinking) “Um, na, well yes.”

“Well, anyway, if those were your answers they wouldn’t get you in.”


“If those were your answers, you’d go down.”


“Have you ever lied?” (Yes) “Me too. That makes us liars, right?”

(Matt laughs)

“Have you ever stolen something, even something small?”

(thought for a few seconds) “Yes, I have”

“So we’re thieves.”

I used murder at heart too, and then said (trying to use intonation,) “Now here’s the really important bit. God is perfect. Otherwise He’d be like you or me. And Heaven is perfect, it has to be, otherwise it’d be just like earth.”

Matt was nodding.

“So if God let one lying, thieving, murderer at heart into Heaven, it would no longer be Heaven.

“So it seems like nobody can get to Heaven.”


“But there is one way a lying, thieving, murderer at heart can get to Heaven. Do you know what it is?”

PIC me after evangelising

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