The Man Who Thinks He’s God

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Little Boy 01 – High detailed and coloured illustration – Boy shows


Today I started writing a daily timetable to keep me on track.

I spent about 40 minutes finding pastor’s addresses to send ZIPPED booklets to.

Then I went to do evangelism. It started pouring as I debated whether to go downtown to share the Gospel. I thought Oh well, I’m staying at the hostel then.

As I went out the door, I saw the electrician leaving. That would have been a good opportunity. I got to the letterboxes, and put the tract I had ready into number 26 (a friendly man upstairs who is new).

On the way back I spent some time in the sun (the sun had come out by then).

I pushed past my door and found some people around the corner. I said hello to Martin, who had met me already, although I can’t remember meeting him. I gave a children’s tract to Martin’s son.

Then I pushed around another corner, and met a young man called Marcel with his dad. I said, “Can I ask you a good question?” And I set up a scene where he was standing before God…

-“But I am God.”

-“But did someone create you?”

“Yes. My Mum and my Dad.”

“Who created your great-great-great-grandparents?”

(I was trying to point out that God didn’t have a Creator- He made everything.)

I took it back to answers he would give to God about why he should go to Heaven.

Our conversation kept getting off track. He mentioned his conscience.

I said “Our conscience helps us tell the difference between right and wrong.” I asked him if he knew some of the ten commandments.

Together with his Dad we got the following list: Be true- don’t lie, no fornicating with your neighbor’s wife (his Dad), have mana, have a car, don’t covet- want anything that is somebody else’s.

Pretty soon Marcel’s Dad had to get moving,  so I left.

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