When you get to share the Gospel with someone you have known for over a year…

Wed 27 September 2017

This afternoon I went to work. When I got home I was looking for someone to evangelize (share the Gospel with). First I went to the pool room, seeing a stranger inside. It was the nephew of one of my neighbors. I met the neighbor, his name is Dave. I said, Dave, have you ever seen one of these? (Showing him a $million note).


I put one one on your windowsill (months ago).

Ah yes, I saw it.

Did you read it?


Did you get right down to the bottom?

I’m sorry. You see my parents used to believe in all that. But when they died, I went the other way. It’s no good trying to persuade me.

God can forgive you no matter what you’ve done.

No God can’t forgive me.

I said goodbye reluctantly, and was sitting outside my room answering email when another neighbor, David, walked in to the building.

I have known David for some time, but have never had enough time to share the Gospel with him.

I called out to him by name, and asked if I could spend a few minutes talking to him.

Well, he was hooked. He gave me all the answers I was hoping for and we kept our conversation right on script. I had to speak louder so he could hear me.

I started with Him walking down the street, getting hit by a drunk driver, and having to give two reasons why he should go to Heaven.

He said he was a good man, and I suggested that some people say they have helped others. But can I be really honest with you? “Yes,” Well, with those answers you would go straight down. Do you know why? “No.”

Me and David, we are both thieving liars.

When I explained about Jesus having a perfect record because He was God, and God being able to exchange that perfect record for the record of all of God’s laws we’ve broken, David went “Wow!”

Then I said that when we turn to God, the book with our name on the cover and Jesus’ record inside is not touched again between turning to God and the point we die, even though we might make mistakes and break God’s laws again. David said “Wow!” We just have to keep focusing on God.

To recieve God’s gift of forgiveness you have to do two things. Turn to God. We usually like to put ourselves first in our lives. Or something else, but not Jesus. We need to turn from that. Then you need to surrender your life to Jesus. Now surrender means: If Jesus made the entire universe: the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the plants, the trees, animals and birds… and if he made you and me, it only makes sense that we should surrender our life to him. David said “Yes.” and nodded.

Then I asked him if he had ever heard this before. He nodded and shook his head and moved around.

I said, “Parts of it?”

He said, “No, I haven’t.”

I gave him a follow up booklet, How to Be Sure of Going to Heaven and showed him the biblein11 web address where he could watch the Good News (Gospel) message again.

Please pray for David.Free bible images- sower

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