This evening after my exercise, I went downtown to proclaim and spread the Gospel.

I prayed that God would use me to reach people with the Gospel.
I had set out and it started spitting, so I turned back (I didn’t want to get bitterly cold and wet). But one of my neighbors, who is a determined unbeliever, walked past me in a suit top. He asked me what I was doing, and shouted back as he walked away, “I guarantee you, that because I’m out here, it won’t rain.” I thought Wow, he has a lot of faith, and he’s not a believer. So I set out after him and turned up my speed. I thought how much more God would answer me if I asked for good weather so that lost people could hear His Word. Sure enough it didn’t rain.
I met five Indian guys, who had finished playing cricket, and said Hi, and asked them the two right answers question. I applied four of the 10 Commandments, and found that they were lying, disrespectors of their parents who hadn’t put God first. On judgement day, they told me they would be going to Hell.
I explained God’s plan to forgive us by sending Jesus to die on the cross.
One of them objected that everyone should have to pay for their own sin, but I told them that the penalty for breaking just one of God’s laws is eternity in Hell, and because that is too big a price for anyone to pay, God sent Jesus to rescue us, so He could give us eternity in Heaven as a free gift.
In Budhism, if you do good you go to Heaven, but if you do bad you go to Hell.
I said the difference is that Jesus said “You are saved by grace through faith, it is the gift of God, not of works least any man should boast.”
I gave them all a biblein11 card, and left.

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