How to share the Gospel

Do you think you’d be going to Heaven?


How many lies have you told? I have done that to. So what does that make us? Liars right?

Stealing- even something small? Me too. So what are we? Thieves.

Have you ever used God’s name carelessly? That’s called blasphemy, God made the whole universe and you take the name of Him who gives you breath, and use it like garbage.

Eg. of other laws Try to get the person to admit to three of them. Do not murder- Jesus said getting angry with someone is like murdering them in God’s eyes. Put God first- love Him with all your heart, soul, strength and mind. None of us have done that.

So if God judges you by this standard when you die, do you think you will be innocent or guilty?

Heaven is a perfect place, it has to be otherwise it would be a re-run of earth. And if God let liars and thieves and blasphemers into Heaven, it wouldn’t be Heaven. We’d pollute it.

Hell is the only other place we can go. It’s God’s prison.

But God doesn’t want us all to go to Hell, so He did something so He could forgive us. Do you know what that was?

He sent His Son Jesus to earth 2000 years ago, to live a perfect life. Jesus never broke God’s laws. Then He died on the cross, and God punished Him for all the bad things we have done. We deserve to die, but Jesus died in our place. He was buried, and he rose again three days later.

What you need to do is repent/ turn from living your own way, and trust that Jesus paid your fine when he died on the cross. (Romans 10:12)

Out of repentance you will follow Jesus with your life. You need to make Him the boss (Lord) of your life, because He died for you and He made the whole universe so He deserves to be boss of our lives.

So to be forgiven for lying and stealing we need to turn to God and make Jesus the boss of our lives.

Living for Jesus may be hard at times, people might mock us and we will get tempted and have to suffer for Jesus. We need to tell others the Gospel so they can also believe. John (17:10) Jesus will never leave us. (Matthew 28:21)

Please think about this, because if what I have said is true, you don’t want to go to Hell.


  1. Speak slowly when explaining what Jesus did, and what we need to do, so the person can understand. Vary your tone. Pause effectively to let them think.
  2. Ask them if they have a Bible at the end. Encourage them to read it if they do.
  3. Give them a follow up tract- “How to be sure of going to Heaven” is a really good one.

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