When your body won’t work like it used to

When your body won’t work like it used to…

Use it as an opportunity to thank the Lord

  • That He has helped you to gain an eternal perspective on the brevity of life, and therefore the peril of the lost, the glories that await you in Heaven (if you believe in the Son John 3:36), and the urgency of sharing the Gospel now so that God can save them even after your life ends.
  • That He has judged it good to use your life to display His Glory (John 9)
  • That these momentary light afflictions are preparing you for an eternal weight of glory.
  • Thank Him that He sees fit to restrain you from sin by instead purifying you by suffering. Paul wrote to Timothy “everyone who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin.”


Yesterday I went to Pak’n’Save. As humbly as I can put it, the Lord put people everywhere along my way for me to talk to, or even just hand a Two right answers/ biblein11.com card to. I met one foreign lady who may have been Korean, while shopping. I had to speak slowly so she could understand me. She seemed genuinely amazed to discover that thieving liars like the two of us couldn’t be allowed by a perfect God into a perfect Heaven.
Ten and nine, eight and seven, six and five and four, call upon the Saviour while you can.
Also, time we have to witness is so short. Believe me, when your body is constantly deteriorating, and the enemy has before been able to keep me bedridden/in restrictive care so that I cannot evangelise, I realize how precious my time is to do the Lord’s final command – Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to all Creation.

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