Day Two of COGY

Today is the second day I have used COGY- the pedal wheelchair. I have in on trial.

I decided to use my splints to keep my ankles bent so I could use the COGY more and go further without hurting myself. It was a lot better, but the right splint dug into me.

Aside from biking up and down the carpark twice and having one of my helpers learn how to assist me into and out of COGY, my favorite part of using COGY this afternoon was being able to introduce it to two of my neighbors. They seemed genuinely interested and both took a sticker for their phones.

I had a really big day today and I can’t blog about all of it because I have another day tomorrow and have to prepare. Thanks to everyone who helped me with all sorts of different things today. Biggest thanks to the one who kept me alive, breathing and moving. Acts 17.28.

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  1. Koko says:

    Thank you for your update. I really liked the way you showed your pedalling-steering off to your neighbours, by doing “8” shape.


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