Day Four of COGY

Today is the fourth consecutive day I have had and used the COGY I have on trial.

Yesterday morning Koko came to help with my walking. She also videoed me from the side. The Orthotist cast me a new pair of splints at the hospital. Koko met Mum and they both stayed for lunch. Mum explained the Gospel to Koko.

In the afternoon, my support workers came to get training in how to assist me in COGY. I pedaled around the carpark. I was very tired yesterday.

This morning I have been to work. At 12.30, a helper came and Koko bought the COGY back. (My sister used it last night). They both helped me put on splints and put on the pedals once I was in the COGY. I steered and pedaled to a flat piece of level concrete, and pedaled along that, and then in the shade when it got too hot. I also reversed for about 5m, and after about 20min pedaling, Koko pushed me uphill and inside.

I got a blister on my ankle biking, and it popped when I transferred out of the COGY with my splints still on. Koko asked if I had antiseptic, and used Savlon, the broken skin and plasters to mend me up.

I have set up this page today:


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  1. Koko says:

    I am sorry about your blister on your ankle. I hope your new splint will work much better. If the problem stays, I would try a piece sponge, which we can get from Spotlight etc.


  2. Rockey Smith says:

    So happy to hear of your progress Sis. That C\OGY looks awesome. Take care fo that blister so it does not get infected please.


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