Day 8 COGY Trial

Yesterday I felt sick in the afternoon, so I made arrangements and went to bed. I didn’t use COGY yesterday.

After a sleep I cheered up. I talked to my Catholic neighbor for an hour after he got me the hose so I could water my garden.

In the morning, I got up, dressed, had breakfast, made the bed, joined prayer group, and went for a walk with two amazing caregivers who have also learnt the art of catching the worm.

At 9am one of the ladies came back to prepare me a salad.

After another walk I went to work with a lady who works for Ironside. She is a superstar. That is the best word I can think of to describe her. She is the answer to so many prayers, that lady.

While at work, I thought with anticipation, after work I am going to use COGY. It rained a bit while I was at work. But it stopped after work!! So my helper and I didn’t worry about getting wet while going for an evening walk/ bike in the cool breeze.

Getting into COGY was -thankfully- straight forward. The transfer landed me right in the COGY seat. I transferred in shoes. I wore a splint on my left leg, because that ankle doesn’t rub badly like my right one in the splints. To hold my right ankle in a bent position and prevent it paining (when straight), we used a configuration invented by Koko for this purpose. I think next time I should use a smaller shoe on my right foot that fits my foot better.

We had a refreshing trip outside, down the carpark and half way around A block, and back. I biked up most of the carpark which is a hill to get back inside.

Before my helper came, after work, I determined to take myself out to find someone to share the Gospel with. I got ready, had some water, and left, knowing it was the right thing to do even if it felt like I could make better use of the time. About that time, I actually got convicted by the verse where Apostle Paul says, “Woe is me, if I do not preach the Gospel.”

As I went, I prayed that God would lead me to some people who were open, who really wanted to hear the Gospel. I had to ask, seek and knock. Drove up to some people who were discussing the building of a shed. The agent decided to hop in his car and move it for me although I pionted out I could just go the other way. I asked the couple the question I was out asking everyone. If they died tonight and God asked why they should go to Heaven… The lady took a card but rejected Christianity, and she wished me well on my afternoon journey and made sure I could get through the gap to keep going where I had been headed. I am fully convinced that that was a God thing, because from the other side of that gap, I could see a couple with their groceries, not doing anything in particular, sitting on a low wall. T and J listened, gladly received a Bible and Gospel booklet.

Please pray for them to gladly receive the implanted word which is able to save their souls, and to seek and find Jesus.

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  1. Koko with COGY says:

    I’m glad you felt better after an afternoon sleep. I also love the way you enjoy the later afternoon on COGY. Season slowly changes. Enjoy the every bits- wind, sky, temperature.


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