Weekend 2 of Cogy- 20-21 Jan


Saturday night – “I worked hard on Cogy today.” I biked to reception and back with one foot in a splint and the other in a small shoe with a shoelace to bend my ankle. This invention is not very effective, although it prevents my ankle paining from being straight. However, most of the force through that leg goes beyond the pedal, so my biking is not very efficient.

Sunday night- I biked on Cogy this afternoon, and went to reception and back, but it was easier than last night. I wore both splints so the force of my leg had more power because the ankle was supported in a bent position. I had more pedal power. It was less exhausting and used more muscles. And I am wearing plasters and foam to prevent more blisters.

Friday and Sunday: Pastors prayed for me and for my help to others with a disability. They assured me that if it’s God’s will, I will get money for a Cogy.

Had massive fun at church today. I visited the Sanctuary. The song book was the Y’shua one we used to sing from at my friends’ house. No accompaniment. Praying was just like a prayer meeting. The sermon made me think and search the Bible to see if those things are so.

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  1. Koko with COGY says:

    I like the way you observe yourself and your muscle. Thank you for all these report.


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