Evangelism Seminar New Plymouth

So God on high had Matt Johnston speak @ our church, Faith Bible Church, this morning and we went out in pairs afterwards to give out tracts (“did you get one of these?”) and proclaim the Gospel 1:1 to people in downtown New Plymouth.

I am really pleased Matt came.

God really blessed our labors today. I talked to a lady from work and gave her a million $ tract. Several people practiced courage like never before. I was really blessed by my good friend Judith who gave me enough tracts to get home. God is great!

When I got home, my neighbor was playing Going Back Home by John Fogerty. It reminds me that there is much rejoicing in Heaven today- both over Christians who overcame and announced their faith in Christ, and over lost people who may have already been saved through hearing the Gospel, and over the boldness of our Pastor, Mark, in stepping out inviting Matt and saying evangelism is something he wants our church to do. https://youtu.be/LXxRtIP59qQ

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  1. Rockey Smith: What a beautiful inspiration you must be to so many including myself. I wish you blessings abundant.


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