Cogy 03

You may remember that 8 weeks ago I began trialing a Cogy- a pedal wheelchair.

The free trial lasted a month, and I blogged about my experience with Cogy fairly regularly for that month, because I was fundraising to get one. Since I have done exercise in a Cogy nearly every day since 9th January, and since my walking exercise is getting harder, I felt I needed it too much to send it back without buying one when the trial ended. I really enjoy sweating and puffing (going up the carpark in hot weather) and moving in general.

So my parents paid a deposit until the donations came in- donations totaling $5,500.

Cogy has improved the strength of my quads. If I have trouble transferring, I can now recover myself much easier than before I was using Cogy.

I recieved the new Cogy- with my chosen number, Cogy 03 -from Koko who imports them at the same time as she picked up the trial Cogy (98) for use with other people.


I took my Cogy to work last Wednesday, to show my colleagues who assisted with buying it through my Givealittle page. One guy who was walking past hopped in and gave my work team a proper demo! I am really glad he did, because otherwise I would have had to do it which could have taken a good bit of work time. 🙂IMG_20180228_132912

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  1. Koko with COGY says:

    I’m really glad to hear that you transferring in general is getting safer (because of your better strength) after started using COGY. Keep on, and keep on updating me 😉


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