To The Select Committee,

I am 22 years old and have a degenerative muscular disability called Fredricks Ataxia.

When I first heard about the idea of euthenasia, I was in highschool. I was doing personal reading into the existence of God, the theory of evolution and morals. I found that some people are very quick to say euthenasia is good- when it is not them being killed. However, after my study, I can proclaim with confidence, the Creator
God of the Bible has a moral standard for humans: we should not shed innocent blood, for God created man in His own image.

Where I live, I have many friends with disabilities- some far worse than mine at present. I also visit a resthome and have made friends there. I would be devastated if these friends started dropping off because they had been lured into the idea (by popular media, by the law, by family, or caregivers) that there is no hope for them- in this life, that they are a burden and unloved, and they would be better off dead. What a horrible thing to say to any one of you! And don’t you treat disabled people equally?

Please, please, pay attention to my voice of warning. Once it is legal to kill in this way, you will be guilty before God of much innocent blood.


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