A few months ago, online, I posted a comment asking prayer for boldness to speak to Muslims and work colleagues about Jesus and following him.
Praise the Lord! On this Saturday 14th April, I had my first positive Gospel conversation with a professing Muslim. I asked him if he had ever received a cartoon like this before? If he reads it and obeys it, he can have eternal life. When he saw that it was about Jesus, he said he believes in Jesus, but he is not a Christian. After finding out why, I explained multiple ways and stories of Jesus claiming to be God, which he had never heard before. I explained why Jesus had to die- because God in the Bible is Holy and can’t let wrong go without punishment- so Jesus died so we could be washed clean. Talking about faith and Abraham, I gave the example of him trusting God to the point of nearly killing Isaac- who Mohammed said is Ishmael in their story. But then God provided a substitute in the ram that was caught in thorns. And that ram was a picture of Christ. God provided a substitute because someone had to die.
Anyway, after, Mohammed thanked me because he had heard some interesting things. He said “I appreciate you talking to me very much. I will read this. What you are saying could be true. And you certainly believe it is. So it is up to me if I do more reading, but if I do, it could save my life. Thankyou for talking to me even though you have never seen me before.” To which I replied, “Well, that’s what Jesus did for me when He died for me.” I don’t think he understood my reply. Then I said goodbye and went home.

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