Sharing Jesus Today


How do you share the Gospel today? Learn how, and go and find someone and tell them about Jesus while there is still time to be called today (do it before midnight).

This morning I was driving past McDonald’s in my power wheelchair with groceries. There was a young man sitting outside on his own, and looking at him I thought I could share the Gospel with him. But I brushed it off and kept driving. About 10 meters away, I thought I said I love to evangelise and I got convicted, so I turned around and went and talked to him.

I asked him a good question, “If a truck driver wiped you off your scooter, I know it’s not nice, but bad things happen… If you died and stood before God at judgement, and he said to you “Give me two reasons to let you into Heaven”, what would you say?” Unlike most people I ask, this guy was very quick to reply honestly. “I wouldn’t get to Heaven,” he said “Counting all that I have done in my 18 years on this earth, I don’t deserve to go to Heaven.” “So who do you think does go to Heaven?” I said. “Oh, people who keep the Ten Commandments. Isn’t that how you get to Heaven, keep the Ten Commandments?” His parents had taught him to live by the Ten Commandments. I asked him, have you ever lied. He said he had lied and told me that any sort of lie is still a lie. I agreed, and said I was a liar too, and pointed out that everyone in the World has probably lied. I explained that the law only shows us that we have broken it. We can’t get to Heaven by keeping the Ten Commandments, because we have broken them.

The guy I was talking to objected that God must have a cut off point for getting into Heaven, he told me that maybe half of people make it. I told him of the person asking Jesus, “are there few who will be saved?”, Jesus answered that it’s hard to be saved and only a few people find the way of eternal life. I also told him that because God is holy, He can’t let criminals go free. If He did He would be corrupt. So there won’t be any liars, thieves, or rebellious people in Heaven.

I explained that God wants to forgive us but he still has to be just, and I asked if his parents had ever told him what God did so he could forgive us. He said no, his parents never tried to convert him. I thought how utterly sad, that your parents never told you what Jesus did so you could be saved. I said “Well, God sent his only Son, Jesus to Earth to live a perfect life and die on the cross, taking our punishment for us. Then He rose again to prove He was God. What we need to do is repent- turn to God and follow Jesus.”

We also covered atheism and evolution. The story he told me of how nothing created everything was quite phenomenal, I should have repeated it back to him so he could tell how ridiculous it sounded. I explained instead how beautifully created the Earth is, in comparison to a well- designed story book that obviously had an author. I also explained the ulterior motive for atheism- rebellious people do not want to find God for the same reason a criminal doesn’t want to find a policeman- we have broken the law.

Just as we finished, he got a phone call, finished his smoke, and had to go. I gave him two business cards which he put in his wallet- and . I thanked him for his time. He said he enjoyed the conversation.

I had a great day.

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