Prayer of repentance

Prayer for New Zealand.

Father in Heaven, won’t you please grant repentance to this nation. Would your people, who are called by your name, humble themselves and turn and pray. (2 Chronicles 7:14) Might you make justice the line, and righteousness the plumb line; (Isaiah 28:17) and cause and hail will sweep away the refuge of lies. Till the people know there is a God in Heaven. (Deuteronomy 4:39, Dan 2:28) Oh, God of my praise, do not be silent. (Psalm 109:1) You desire mercy, not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God not gift offerings. (Hosea 6:6) We have wearied you with our offerings, (Malachi 2:17) because our heart has not been wholly true to the Lord our God. (1 Kings 15:3) To us belong shame and disgrace, to all people of New Zealand, because we have sinned (Daniel 9:7) and done evil in your sight by forsaking the knowledge of God, by sacrificing our tiny children to the idol Selfishness, by adultery, by perverting marriage, by sexual sin, so that the land is filled with innocent blood. (Hosea 4:2) These things our nation does are evil in your sight. To us belong shame and disgrace, but to you, O Lord, belong glory, power and praise forever and ever, amen! We are commanded to hate evil and love good. (Amos 5:15) Oh Lord, hear us when we cry and beg you to turn this nation from her wickedness to serve the Living God. Revive us again. (Psalm 85:6) Would it please you to make New Zealand a beacon of truth so that people can be led to the Savior. Cause your face to shine upon her that human beings might be saved. Let your people, who are called by your name, turn to you, and humble themselves, and pray. So that you will hear from Heaven and forgive our sin and heal our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

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