A day in time

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” – Psalm 90, Moses

This morning, I was dreaming about sharing the Gospel in a Uni hostel, and one young woman became a believer- I told a friend. I dreamed about my sister when she was little, turned over, and the alarm went off. I didn’t want to wake up, and couldn’t turn the alarm off for what seemed like ages. I got out of bed into my wheelchair, dressed and did my hair, and made porridge for breakfast with a cup of tea. I couldn’t get Dad or anyone else for prayer on Skype, so I tried to pray by myself. I was prepared for my caregivers when they arrived at 7am.

The women who came to help me put on my socks, fiberglass splints and shoes. We went outside with the walking frame and I did some warm-up exercises on my legs. Then they bought the walker closer, and one of them held it while I stood up. The other lady held my wheelchair. I stood for a few minutes, then I managed to walk about 9 meters with one of them holding the walker and the other bringing the wheelchair. I had to stop after 9 meters because A) my feet kept twisting when I placed them on the ground B) My legs stopped swinging through when I took a step. I had to control myself because I was grumpy I had to stop. I told both carers I had to go to Pak’n’Save now. I got into my power wheelchair, and they said goodbye and left.

I drove downtown at 7.50am, and I wasn’t cold. I got most of the things I wanted at the grocery shop, including toothbrushes off the top shelf which I asked a worker to pass me, and chocolate off the top shelf which I asked another worker for. Ironically, I forgot the UHT milk, probably because I met a guy tidying a shelf, and took the opportunity to give him a tract and proclaim the Gospel briefly to him before telling him I had better let him get back to work. He said “If you have a strong faith, that’s good for you. Don’t listen to what I said- I’m just a silly Pak’n’Save employee.” Please pray for him.

I was cold on my way home from shopping because I had no gloves and not enough jerseys. My Auntie came and saw me for morning tea to celebrate her birthday and we had a good talk.

My new caregiver came at 10.30. I found out lots about her. She was writing addresses on envelopes for me and wanted to know what they were for. Churches. She is a Mormon. I said, “Imagine I have a knife stabbed in my back, I have three minutes to live, can you tell me how I can go to Heaven?” She said “repent” after discussing and elaborating on repentance and sin, I said, “How can God forgive me? I want assurance.” She said “The atonement,” and began to explain how Jesus came to die on the cross for us. I told her she had nailed it because this was all fairly short. However, I quoted the passage in the Book of Mormon which contradicts Ephesians 2:8. We talked about her children, how some people can’t have children, abortion and I quoted Proverbs on “rescue those who are being led away to death,” and gave her a photo to keep.

Jacinta and Clark collage.jpg

I had a shower and washed my wheelchair seat while she vacuumed the floor, and put on dry clothes afterwards.

Now I am tired.

I exercised again, went to work for 3 hours, face timed a friend, re-told Matthew 28 to a neighbor, went to Bible Study which I run, and wrote this blog.


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