Corner Door

Some of you might remember that about a year ago I was “rolling down the footpath [outside other rooms in my hostel]” at night, looking for people to tell the life-saving and life-changing Gospel of Jesus. I just did that tonight too. On that night a year ago, I wheeled past a door heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Try that one.” However, I was petrified but promised I would stop there on the way back. On the way back I stopped and knocked, and the bearded Maori man got teared up when I gave him a Gospel tract looking like a million dollar note and quoted Mark 8:36. I just repeated the same task (I have done it since). I got to the end of the block, and looked at the doors in the corner. There were three, and the Holy Spirit said, “Why don’t you do some door-knocking?” He suggested the far door. I thought “That man always avoids me, and if he’s in his room I shouldn’t annoy him.” (It is plainly obvious from this next part that God always knows what He is doing, and it is never wise to rationalize away His prompting.) I promised, “I’ll come to that room on the way back. I won’t disobey.”
You know, there was no one else to talk to along that part of the hostel. I was able to see the sky though, I saw Mercury and Venus and some stars and sang the Gospel to them, thanking God. I made my way back, and as I got closer to the room God had indicated, the door opened and a man stepped out with a cigarette. We got to know each other’s names and how long we have been living here, and when I mentioned my sister at Bible college, I said, “do you believe in God, [man’s name]?” He said, “Yes, I do.” I said, “Do you know why Jesus came to earth?” He said, “No, I don’t.” So I asked if I could show him why we need Jesus, he said yes, we talked about lying, theft and murder through abortion. I said “There are Ten Commandments. We’ve both broken two so far, but there are more. God sees everything, and He is everywhere, and when He brings out the evidence of your sins at Judgement, after you die, you will be in trouble. This is the bad news. If you break the law of the land in New Zealand, and you go before a judge, he will make sure you get a just punishment for your crime. In a similar way, God is going to punish people who have sinned against Him.
But there is Good News. I explained how Jesus came to earth, died on the cross to take our punishment if we repent and believe He did that for us, and how Jesus rose from the dead three days later. He said “I believe that.” I said Romans verse on confessing he rose from the dead.
Long story short: my neighbor head the Gospel! I clarified it to him, he thanked me, and went back into his room.

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