Euthanasia, Abortion and Eugenics

Messanger conversation on September 12th 2018 with one of my friends in the US


Our nation is looking at passing a human sacrifice bill under the guize of “choice for assisted suicide” which puts vulnerable people like myself in the line for advice from professionals to die… and probably Power of Attorneys can decide for severely disabled/ elderly people. [Under law, Power of Attorneys have authority as if they were the person they are responsible for.]

Oh my goodness! Several states here are allowing this- Oregon, for example, has a “Right to Die” bill that allows elderly and terminal to take medications to die. I’m not positive, but I think mentally ill can as well if they meet certain requirements. Between that, abortion, and the practice of eugenics, it is a disgusting world we live in that man thinks he can play the role of God.
Eugenics and the practice of sterilization in my home state of Indiana actually was one of the inspirations for Hitler. My grandmother told me of how she would often receive phone calls asking if she wanted to sterilize two of my uncles- one being physically and the other mentally handicapped. She never agreed to it, praise God.
Wow. Amen!
Yes ma’am, praise God!
I’m not used to being called that, but Amen! 🙂 Got work all day tomorrow so I have to go to bed. God be with you!
Sleep well, friend! God bless!
(Here in the South we call all ladies ma’am! 🙂)

Yep. C ya 🙂


The other day (on Monday) I met a young lady. I was explaining my disability, and she said, “Well, you just have to make the best of your good days.” I replied that there are always good days for people living with a health condition, and these are always worth living through the bad days for. She said, “I guess it makes you appreciate your good days more when you don’t have very many of them.” I agreed, and told her a story about a friend of mine who suffers from chronic pain like this lady’s Mum. My friend is very vibrant and loves life. Earlier this year she went into hospital for pain treatment. The external blood vessels had collapsed, so they had to give the treatment through her main circulatory system. But do you know what’s amazing? About 24 hours after she was discharged from hospital, she was at the airport ready to fly out with friends on a trip around the world! The lady who was listening said, “Wow.” I said, “I think she believes in God although she doesn’t talk about it much, and there were definitely people praying for her. Do you believe in God?” -I shared the Gospel with her.

This sermon starts with powerful spoken word poetry on IVF.

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