Downs Syndrome

Downs Syndrome is an extra copy of the 23rd chromosome in a person’s DNA that causes a disability where people are slower to develop, have a rounder face and are shorter. However, Down Syndrome people are very affectionate and other members of their families become better people as a result of having them around. My friend Emily has a daughter with Downs.


2018-11-04 08_51_27-down syndrome actors - Google Search

People with Downs Syndrome are slower to develop and learn but are still capable of many things. You’ve got actors and all sorts. One man in New Plymouth works at a supermarket. People with Downs Syndrome can still hold a conversation with you. As a result of being around such loving and affectionate people, their families are often better. 😀

Please don’t say the world would be a better place if every baby with Downs was gone. The Final Solution in place in England at present is to abort Downs babies at ten weeks, with fingers and toes. Quite often the prick test shows false results, so there may actually be nothing wrong with the baby.


Post abortive rape victim

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