A Neighbour

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today I was wheeling out from the common room when my neighbor spotted me.

He said, “Hey, I’m sorry for leaving you the other night.” We came in the main door together.

I said, “It’s alright.” And he noticed I was pushing myself.

I noticed that his hoodie had all sorts of blood patterns on it, but written on his chest were the words, “I’m fine.” I read the words out loud, explained they were on his shirt, rolled closer and asked his name because I didn’t ask last time and keep forgetting it. It starts with the same letter as mine. We shook hands, and I told him he had a strong handshake. My principal was always telling people off for having “fish” handshakes.

He said, “Where did you go to school?… Did you get to sixth or seventh form?… What was your favorite subject?”

I said, “Probably Biology. I really liked being able to understand why Evolution was false.”

He said, “Oh, because you’re very religious, aren’t you?”

I said, “Well, I really liked Science. I like understanding how things work. I enjoyed learning about what’s inside a single-celled organism, how intricate–”

“It’s beyond intricate.”

“Yes, well, exactly. It would have been impossible for that to have formed itself with no Designer.”

“I have a couple of Christian friends I should get to have a talk to you one day. It may help them to get a little more… grounded.”

“Yes, well I’ve just been watching a documentary about William Wilberforce. Do you know about him?”


“Well, he spent a lot of time studying the Word of God, and studying Theology, and diarising his own sin- especially his laziness. What set him apart from the other Christians of his day was that once he became a Christian, he was convinced that faith should be evidenced by actually doing good. And this ideology bought a revolution that changed the world. Other people were being hypocrites.”

My neighbor was thinking. “Yes,” he said, “There have been a few people scattered throughout history like that. Einstein too. Einstein said, “God does not ‘play dice’ with the universe.” ”

“Yes, I think Einstein was a Deist. I think so but I’m not sure. He believed in God, but he was not a Christian, because he did not believe in Christ.”


“So what do you believe?”

“I’m an Agnostic.”

“So you believe something created everything, but you don’t know what that something was?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Ok, I’ve got some questions for you.”

He freaked out and looked like he might run, but didn’t.

I asked, “Do you know anything for certain?”

He answered, “No.”

“Okay, well, do you know that for certain?”

“I am uncertain about the uncertainty of what I know.”

“You must know some things for certain because you’re sitting here having a rational conversation.”

“You could just be a figment of my imagination. Who’s to say there’s any purpose to our conversation?”

“Well, I know there is a reason we’re having this conversation. God wants me to talk to you about Him.”

“How do you know things for certain?”

“I know some things for certain, because I have revelation from the God who knows all things. God has revealed Himself in His Word the Bible. I use the brain He has given me to understand the Bible, and I see that it makes sense of the World.”

“What do you know about God?”

“Well, he is all-powerful because He created a world that is so amazing, and He is all-wise because things are so intricate- we said before- that is an understatement. Every word of God proves true. The Psalms in the Bible are a good place to find out what God is like. It also says “The sum of your words is truth.”

“So you need to read it in context.”

“Well, if something seems false, there is part somewhere else that explains it.”

“I have a lot to think about.”

“Oh, yes, and there’s one thing that is really important. Christ came to die for your sins and rose again. You need to turn from your sin and trust in Him, and then the Bible will make sense.”

“Now I really have a lot to think about.”

“Yes you do. I wish you well.”

I went away praying for him. Praise the Lord, that was amazing. May Jesus work in his life.

Please pray for my neighbour/s

This is the documentary I watched on Wilberforce:

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