Evangelism dream


I just woke up with this amazing dream. I learnt about an area of Christians who spent all day doing nothing more than telling or learning something new. Literally an area where they sat around and discussed interesting things. I walked into the middle of the area (I walked in the dream) and I said in my loudest voice “Who wants to learn how to do evangelism?” One lady put her hand up and said earnestly “Oh yes, I do.” Enough people followed me to make a circle, with late comers piling up behind me. I started off by asking them questions. A man told me “I’m sure it’s all in that book,” pointing to my Bible which I was holding. Two middle aged ladies sat down on the ground with crossed legs and I joined them. One lady said adamantly “Teach us everything, right from the beginning.” I said “I’m just trying to ask you questions first to find out where you’re at.” What, who, how, when, why/ WDJD is a good start.

grayscale photography of people walking in train station
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

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