Abortion and the Gospel today

I shut my door behind me this afternoon and was heading downtown. The sun was shining brightly so I reached in my bag for my sunglasses. Instead of my sunglasses my hand found a carved figure of a 12 week old baby which a use for educating people about abortion. I thought I don’t want that, I want my sunglasses, but God seemed to be indicating that I should just pull it out and use it. There was a young lady walking the other way on the footpath. So I thought I would show her.

When I got closer, I called out that I had something to show her. I said This is a carving of a 12 week old baby in the womb. She took it and looked at it. I said “All human beings should have equal rights. That is the ideology they used to abolish black slavery. That all people are created in the image of God and have equal rights regardless of their skin colour. Some people don’t think that babies have equal rights but they are created in the image of God. The Bible says “children are a blessing from the Lord” – they bring such joy and laughter.”

At this point, I noticed she was looking at the baby replica very intently and her eyes were getting big. I paused and her eyes began to drop tears. I said Have you had an abortion?

She turned around and said she had to go.

I said earnestly “But God is loving and forgiving,” She stayed and listened “God sent Jesus down to earth so he could live like one of us and understand what we go through. Then Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for any of the wrong things we may have done. He was beaten for our sins. He died on the cross and then he rose again so he has the victory, and he offers you the gift of eternal life and forgiveness.”

She was sobbing.

I said have you got a Bible? She said No so I gave her one I had in my bag which is second-hand. She held it to her chest and said I’ll look after it.

She went her way and as I went my way I burst out sobbing. I could feel her brokenness. I knew that was a real baby with a life ahead of it. I said to God, how could I ever think that that wasn’t a real baby? How could I be so callous? I said to God Please heal her and make her whole, lead her to you, Lord Jesus.

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