Sharing the Good News

I went downtown on Waitangi Day afternoon to share the Gospel.

One of the people I met was a middle-aged Maori man, sitting on the concrete part of the garden waiting for something to do.

I drove up to him in my power chair and said “Hi, how are you?… Do you believe in Jesus? Are you a Christian?” ( because I thought he might be). He said “I believe in Jesus, but I am not a Christian.” So I shared the gospel – he said “Thank you, everything you have said has been true and my life.” Then I talked about abortion and how it is related to suicide, which he added his part of the conversation and we talked about young people.

I encouraged him to submit to God and be changed by the Holy Spirit – so he could lead his wife and children after God to live right. I gave him a follow up booklet about the gospel and went to the museum. When I came back about 20 minutes later he was sitting in the same place reading it and I went back and talked to him. He said “It just makes so much sense, it’s so clear- like the ten commandments and death, judgement, eternity – everything. I read a little bit and I look up and I think all these people are just lost.”
I said “Yeah, I thought that when I read this, If all these people are really lost and this is really true, then how can I not tell them the Gospel?”

I told him, “Once you finish reading this, read the Bible because it’s Word of God.” The booklet encourages new Christians to find a good church. He said “Thank you so much. I am glad I sat here and now I know I did it for a reason.”

I made sure to tell him it is not because of any person or their gifts but because of God’s power through the cross.

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