My Afternoon


I have been hoping against hope for what seems like eons, but yesterday afternoon, I had an adventure.

My Mum came to my room about 3.20 to tell me she was taking my sisters into town for an appointment. My immediate reaction was, “Can I go in the back of the car too please? You can drop me off.” She agreed but on the proviso that I get ready quickly, because they were going soon. I dressed warmer and got ready, and we left in a big hurry. My sister with  the car had understood the appointment was 15 minutes later, so she was not worried until she arrived and found out we were late. But we all got there ok 🙂

After we had dropped off the girls, Mum drove me around the corner trying to find a level piece of road to let the ramp down on, so I could go and find somebody to talk to. I had just been messaging somebody about making deciples of Jesus, and about the need to make contacts with people, so I decided to go and put it into practice. She was praying for me. Mum parked the van, lowered the ramp, and unhooked the clamps on my chair. I reversed down the ramp, said goodbye, looked around to see where to go. There was a ramp onto the corner of the footpath opposite, so I crossed, speeding up when I saw a red truck coming.

I made my way down the footpath in the direction of town. It was a relief to feel the fresh breeze. I soon stopped to put on my gloves. It was a cold July day. I remembered they sometimes get snow here. It was barely 4pm but already chilly. I let out a song and kept driving my powerchair. A ute was coming out of a carpark. The driver stopped for me and signaled I should go across. I thought how kind of him. Then I thought well, I guesss I am kind of a novelty. I should have given him a gospel tract. How often does a young lady driving a wheelchair smile at you and wave? I didn’t stop, but I had more confidence.

I turned right into a carpark which would take me towards the main street. I passed a Grandpa and his grandson, but they were too far away to talk to. I passed a Dad who told me he and his boys were going to the library. I thought I might go to the library too then. There is bound to be somebody to share with there. Just then, I turned the corner and found myself at the bus stop. A bus was loading; and there was a young lady standing on the footpath ahead of me with all her bags. I went up to her and asked, “Are you getting on that bus?” She said, “No, I’m waiting to be picked up.” She was from Japan, and when I described creation and told her God made it all, she told me in Japan they call the Creator Buton. I told her, “Buton showed us what he is like through the things he made. We turned away from him and wanted to live life our own way. But God sent Jesus down to Earth as a man to show us what God is like. It says in the Bible the things Jesus taught about God.” She asked me for an example of a Bible. So I pulled out my Gideon New Testament. In the process, a folded piece of paper fell out. I let her pick it up for me and read to her some key ways to grow as a Christian. Then my friend Miriam walked around the corner. My new Japanese friend was staying as a WOLFER with my friends! Praise God. I gave the Japanese lady my card, and assured her she would enjoy her stay. I also invited Miriam to come visit me together 🙂

Many other wonderful things happened to me that day. I may write them later.

Praise to our Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation! Worthy is the Lamb that was slain!

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