Salt & Light

Thousands of preborn babies are murdered in our country every year through abortion. It is modern-day child sacrifice. We need a culture change.

Since the children of God are called to be salt and light in the world (Matthew 5:13-16), we must initiate this change. When the Church takes the initiative to bring an end to abortion, this will bring glory to God. Abortion denies the human rights of unborn children, but the culture currently says that parent’s selfish desires are more important than the basic needs of unborn people. This leads to mass murder.

The way to change the culture is by changing what people look at, talk about and think about. Jesus said that we are meant to be salt and light. Salt makes things tasteful and the light shines in the darkness. We need to educate people, so they stop murdering their children (6th Commandment) while also tell them to repent and follow Jesus so they can have a heart change from the Holy Spirit.

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Deliberate abortion currently causes horrific bloodshed in New Zealand. 13,000 little humans – living and developing in the first stages of life, just like you and I were – were torn out of their mother’s or poisoned to death in 2018. Abortion needs to be fully criminalised and abolished so that this stops happening. This does not have the effects people threaten.

We go nearly every Tuesday to the local hospital to raise awareness because they murder tiny children there inside their mother’s tummies. Some people don’t know about it, and others choose not to do anything. Proverbs 24.12 warns us not to say we didn’t know and neglect to hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter. God knows.

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God said that humans are made in his image and that we should love our neighbours as ourselves. Especially the least of these, those who need help most (see the end of Matthew 25). When we love them, we are demonstrating love for God. God tells us to hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter (Proverbs 24.11), and not to hide ourselves from our own flesh (other human beings).

He can even forgive murder- when people turn back to God and put faith in Jesus for forgiveness. There should still be a just punishment for abortion under the law so that it stops.

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