At a busy show last year, I was able to have a short discussion with a young Indian boy.

Remind me if you have already heard this story.


The boy had brown skin and a gold ring in his nose.

I said hello, and I asked, “What is your name?” Topaz.

I asked, “What is your favourite colour?” Blue.

I said, “Yeah, topaz is blue. My name is Lydia, and my favourite colour is purple.

In the Bible, it tells about a lady called Lydia who made purple cloth. One day, she went down to the river to pray with some other women. A man called Paul came and told them that they needed to repent from their sins and turn to God. So Lydia did and she made Jesus her King. Jesus is my King, too.”

Then, Topaz had to go.


What a wonderful door of opportunity. Please pray for Topaz.

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