S’s Testimony


This is my friend’s testimony. 

“I love Jesus more anything in my life

I am so happy cuz he chose me inside millions of muslims here

not many people here have a chance like that”

I am 27 now. 2 years as a slave of God Jesus. My life started just 2 years ago. I am very very happy for that. I am a lucky person to know God. He changed me and gave me power. Even though I have billions of problems here but I feel peace inside me and I feel I am on the winning side. 

This is my story from the first day till today…

I have a lot of problems and sad moments, but big trust in the King Jesus. Holy Spirit ❤

But I am bad in English. Try to understand me. lol 

Actually was a hard time. With police here with people are so raciste with me. With family trying to send me to rehab. With work everytime they know I am christiane they rejected me. The closest church from me of Moroccans is 6 hour with train. I was happy but I cried a lot of the time. I never thought I will cry, I always thought I am strong. But I feel always hated by people, but that gives me power to be a son of God. M helped me so much, I love her soo much she’s my mother. She contacted me with a great man, he was supporting me all time by teaching me the bible. I feel God talking to me from him.

The first time I heard about Jesus was from the bible.

I was a good strict muslim. My family in morocco are so famous. Especially in my city. The universite of muslims was so close from our house in medina, you can see it in google. The first universite in the world. This universite is famous in world arabic and islamic. Karueein. I was living 5 minute from this university. I was spending all my time there reading books and learning islamic things from 7 years to 14 years. I was so young but i remember that at the university they give lessons for students and also anyone can come inside. Then we changed to another place. My father’s father he was jewish. When I had 14 years we changed the house cuz he was so old. I was loving God more than all my family. 

Then I grow up as a muslim but I was loving God so much. I was cleaning the mosque. I was praying in time and always reading quran. I was having a very good life and all people here loved me. I was praying and people behind me some times. Not only in mosque but in many place, the man who understands the quran good he has right to pray in first place. I was that man all the time. 

Then I took my highschool degree. I chose to be graphic designer cuz I enjoyed that, and also photographe. I went to a school named beautiful arts. I read there for 3 years to take my diploma. There I met some christianes from africa. Morocco is also in africa, but we are white not black, cuz they are in the south. I met a friend. He was catholique christiane. Then we was closer friends cuz here people are rasicte but I am not. I was loving him as my brother doing many things together.

Then he loved the way how I was respecting him. I tried to convert him to muslims, and he accepted that. I was verry happy. Thats a bigg thing in islam. I take him and show him how to be muslim and he say some words after me. I tried to teach him quran and many things. I didn’t sleep that night, I was so happy. In the morning, I go so fast to imam (imam is a pasteur of muslims). I said “I converted one christiane.” He say “really? did you?” I say “yes.” He say “bring him to me.” Then he saw him and he ask him some questions. Then he was so happy. He say to me “you are going to heaven.” In islam they don’t know if they are going to hell or heaven. He say “you have garantie you are going to heaven.” 

So, I went so fast to quran to see what I have in heaven. I didn’t focus on that before. Then the shock came. I read a thing I didn’t want. I read there I will have in heaven 72 womens waiting for me there and some kids with alcohol. I never want to be in a place like that. I am not that type of person. It’s like my eyes just opened. I read that many times, but I didn’t focus on it. I was thinking that the devile did that to me. From my heart I didn’t want to be there. I couldn’t sleep again that night, cuz it was the dream of my life to go to heaven and make god happy.

After that my eyes opened. I saw many things that weren’t justice, like how mhmd married 11 women and one was so young she was only 9 years old. I was shocked so much. I didn’t want to go to his heaven. Then I read the quran with another perspective, its like God opened my eyes. I saw many things not justice. I was afraid all time. I was not sure. After 1 month of that i decided to be agnostique or agnostic. I stoped to believe in quran and mohammed. I know he do that only for bring mens. Its like “come with me and u can married 4 women and also u have 72 women in heaven.” That was dreams of men in sahara. I was thinking how my mother was with my father for 30 year, and in the end he gonna have 72 women and my mother she gonna stay watching him. I was angry for that.

Then I stopped to be muslim and i didn’t search in other relgion. I was thinking ‘I am more smart than to follow any relgion.’ Cuz I was thinking all other religion is worse than islam or modified (made up by culture). I was so lost but i was believing that God exists all time. I asked him one day to help me to find peace- I was loyal man praying all time and it was not easy for me to not pray. I felt so lost and depressed and I had many bad dreams. But with time I start to come right. I didn’t tell my family anything or anyone, that was my secret. Even when they asked me “why u don’t go pray anymore?”, I was hiding by school. I say “I have a lot of exam.”

I was an agnostic till a day I watched a movie cuz I love watching movies. The movie name is hacksaw ridge. It was the first time I saw the bible. The movie was for a boy in war. He refused to kill anyone for one reason, cuz god say don’t kill. In the movie there was a scene where he had a book in his hand with that written in it (bible). I didn’t know what that meant or what’s that cuz in my language bible has another name. I never imagined christians are like that. And that story was true. The men he name is desmond doss- you can see in wikipedia. I loved the movie so much.

When I finished that movie I go search what that book is, and ordered one. I asked them for a Bible, and even though it was very late, 3.00am, he replied quickly and say “why you want the bible?” After 5 second I saw in screen that I had writen to him “I feel I am born be christiane.”  I didnt know how I did write that. I didn’t understand the bible first alone. I read the old teastment. Then God miraculously provided somebody who explained the bible to me.

My heart opened for the bible so much. I read Matthew, but not from first page. The first thing I read in bible in my life was “if you are ashamed from me i will be shamed from u front my father in the sky.” After that I read Jesus and the harlot, and I loved so much. Then I read all of Matthew. It was like light for me. You don’t have to be that smart to know that jesus is god. He is the light.


Since then, God has been caring for me. I don’t live in the street anymore, and I find food. God send me that. Even I can’t understand how, but God is taking care of me.

I love Jesus more anything in my life.

I am so happy cuz he chose me inside milions of muslims here.

Not many people here have a chance like that.

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