Exploring story

One day, Jack and Jim went out to the woods to play. They were walking along, as boys do, Jimmy with an old baseball bat and Jack with 3 well-used balls. The autumn leaves rustled beneath their gum booted feet, and they watched a fantail flit happily in the air in front of them, cheeping. Jack hopped a little as he walked, getting in tune with the small bird. Jim began to whistle. The liquidamber trees on either side of the path began to join in the dance as a gust of wind awakened them.“We should go somewhere new,” said Jim. Jack was up for the excitement, and generally liking to fit in, suggested, “Let’s go down by Grandma’s water-wheel!” So, at the next pine tree, they took a right turn to go down the gulley by the river. In doing so, they had to leave the path and were now over- shadowed with trees and walking through dense wandering dew. The view was stunning, and Jim wondered at the way a punga frond was first so tightly curled and then expanded into a full leaf. Both boys were still carrying their equipment for batting. It was becoming a nuisance.They watched the fan-tail (it might have been the same one or a different one) still dancing in the low trees below the canopy. “I’m hungry,” said Jack, spotting some late blackberries in the clearing just ahead, “Let’s pick some of those!” Just then, Jim whimpered. “What’s the matter, slow coach?” Jack teased. “There’s some blackberry here, and it caught me. Oww!” Called Jim. “Use your bat,” Jack replied, “It’s got to be good for something.” Jim did so. He stopped complaining.Arriving in the clearing, the brothers searched for blackberries. Soon, their mouths were black and blue around the edges from berry juice. The high sun warmed their faces.I could continue the story, but I would like to explain that

  1. Jack and Jim were brothers
  2. Out exploring on their family property
  3. During Caronavirus lockdown in April 2020, in New Zealand
  4. Fresh food was cheap and readily available

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