New baby


One day I got to tell a man about Jesus.

His first baby boy had just been born. I said, “Congratulations, you have an important job to do as a husband and a father.” I asked him if he thought God was happy with him, and then explained the Gospel.

I started by showing him that we have all broken God’s 10 Commandments. The young man and I were both lying thieves. And those are just two of the 10 Commandments. I reasoned that God has a place of punishment for those kinds of people. I said, “Heaven is perfect, and from what we have learned we’re not good enough to go to heaven.” I asked if he knew what God did to forgive us? He thought we must be baptized. I said, “Jesus
died on the cross to take our punishment so that if we turn to him (repent of our sins), he forgives us and we live for him.”

I encouraged the young man to start at Mathew and read the New Testament, especially Jesus’ biographies. I also gave him a card to read with the Gospel on it, and he said he would “definitely read it”.

I said, “Please give it some thought because it’s important to be right with God.”

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