God in nature

It is a beautiful day in late autumn out my window. The grass is sparkling with melted frost, and tall pine trees take up the middle third of my view. Above is the clear blue sky. Thankyou God. It is so beautiful.

A bird- probably a hatchling- squawks loudly.

The world out here relies on its Creator. Yes, it groans along with the children of God, with labor pains. But for now, it is at peace. Nobody has yet burdened the landscape with the results of human rebellion against God.

The sun warms the grass for another day of growth. The birds fly freely across the sky. The hydrangeas are turning their natural amber colour ready for winter. Everything works like clockwork. The way it was made to be.

But, oh, how bad people can be. How much of a kafuffle we are all in. Things are hurt and we hurt others. Consider this. On the front lawn, daffodils are already sprouting up. If God can make things new in spring, then he can also make us new.

A bird has just flown into a pine tree. If we fly back to God and seek him with our whole heart, he promises will find him. He will visit us with the dew of the morning (Psalm 133.3), and make us new from the inside out.

Then we are entrusted to bear “seed” and tell others about this new life. Seed


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