The Neighbour’s Dog


On Tuesday morning, Mum and I went out to the letterbox to get the mail. I drove my power chair. The sun was beautiful for a winters’ day.

On the way out, I drove slowly on the loose gravel. We got to the gateway, and Mum got the mail. I said I would like to go and see someone, so we decided to go to one of the neighbours. The air was refreshing.

We went down her driveway, past a horse. I let him sniff my hand. At her doorway, a large dog began barking at us from inside while Mum knocked on the door. The doorway was in the shadow of the house, so it was cold. I rolled down my sleeves and trouser legs.

When the lady opened the door, we introduced and said hello. The dog came out and sniffed us. He was big but very friendly and gentle. I let him lick my hand and patted him. Mum told him to sit and he did. She liked him, even though she doesn’t usually like dogs.

The neighbour came out to take the covers off her horses because they were getting sweaty. The sun was warm even though it’s the middle of winter here. The horse was so pleased to have his cover off!

I raced home, and I had to slow down on the loose gravel this time because the little wheels on my power chair were going left and right. It was also very bumpy. 🙂

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