About Jesus

What do you know about Jesus?

Do you know that that is where we get our dating system from? Jesus of Nazareth was born about 2020 years ago. Nazareth is a place in Israel.

The most widely agreed upon fact about Jesus is that he died on a cross. One historian says this is the most well known fact of history. Many historical sources attest to the life and death of Jesus.

Jesus taught many things that were radical at the time. He taught kindness to the poor and Love your neighbour as yourself. He taught people the way back to God. While most modern historians agree that Jesus died on a cross, they don’t all agree that he came back to life. But there is also evidence for Jesus resurrection. 500 people saw him alive at one time after he died. Identical mass hallucinations don’t happen. Jesus’ half brother believed.

Jesus had and earthly mother, the virgin Mary, and the Holy Spirit overshadowed her and made her pregnant so that God was Jesus’ biological Father. Mary later had other children to her husband Joseph. One of these children was James who grew up with Jesus. Knowing so much about Jesus and being able to see any if there where any, James believed in Jesus and went on to write a book of the Bible.

There are four biographies written today about the life and teachings of Jesus: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. For the first hundred or so years after Jesus died, his followers had a lot of trouble. They got burned, imprisoned and fed to lions for telling people that Jesus was the Son of God and that he rose from the dead. So the biographies of Jesus life could not be compiled until about 100 years afterwards. None of the original manuscripts are in existence but there are lots and lots of very similar copies.

So how can you come to know God through Jesus?

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