On Friday night I was having a restless sleep. I was thinking about how important the Bible is, and how I haven’t been enjoying it much recently. I decided to choose another “book” of the Bible to read. That’s more fun than just reading random chapters every morning.

In the morning I looked for the “book” of Acts since I thought that came next. Acts chapter 1-3 is pretty incredible. It is about how, after Jesus went back to Heaven, his disciples and friends were gathered in an upper room praying. Suddenly there was a sound like a mighty wind and God’s Holy Spirit filled each person. It looked like they had flames of fire on their heads. They all began to speak in different languages. There were crowds of people outside from all over the world. They had come to Jerusalem for a Jewish harvest festival called Shavuot. They all heard the wonderful deeds of God in their own languages! 3000 people came to know Jesus that day!

Read or listen to Peter’s message here.

Later in the day I found out that Pentecost Sunday was the next day! It is always celebrated the 7th Sunday after Easter.

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