Keyboard friends

I have a good friend overseas who lives in a politically Muslim country. Let’s call him Peter.

When I told Peter that “I do a lot of evangelism (telling people the way to be forgiven by Jesus, the Christian message) and (also more recently) to Muslims, and I’m not shy,” he said, “It is an honour to know… someone like you. You are so brave. May the Lord bless you and give you more power. I tried to do that here and many people tried to hurt me.”

I replied, “Yeah. I do that in person when I go out and get the opportunity. People can’t really hurt me here because New Zealand is a country with more Christians. I still could get hurt but I trust God. A car nearly backed into me this morning. The driver didn’t see me but I backed up my wheelchair just on time. It just touched the car and made a little noise. The driver, she was very frightened. (I tried to reassure her). There is a Bible verse: to the Lord belong deliverances from death. I was trying to find a place to start a teengers Bible study. I have been praying for you that God will give you freedom to be able to reach many people in your country.”

Peter (not his real name) asked me to send the teenagers Bible study when I’ve finished with it. I replied, “It is in my head. I am going to teach them from the Bible.” 

Peter asked, “You can teach me some too, God willing.”

Then I said, “Did you know about the mosque shooting here? It was in February. They are importing a lot more Muslim people to make up… I have realised it is a good opportunity for us to reach them.” 


Right about then Peter interjected with the importance and his goal of learning certain languages. Then he changed his mind suddenly and said, “No, it’s better to learn Spanish.”

I replied, “Your statement about Spanish made me laugh a lot. I can’t really learn a language right at the moment because I need to rest. But I have been learning some Arabic words related to Islam, I’ve heard Salaam.”

Peter goes, “Hola lydia como esta.”

I reply, “Vamos”

He text, “Real madrid. lydia mia amiga.”

Peter typed, “I am so so bad in Spanish, I will try to learn it.”

I added ten cents, “Muchas gracias” (Isn’t that French?) 

“Di nada” (He corrected my thankyou to Spanish).


Taking you back to the mosque shooting thread of the conversation. Peter replied, “Sadly, yes. I am sorry for that. I am against the killing of anyone.”

I replied “Yes it is evil and very sad. I think the wives and orphan children aren’t being looked after, which makes me upset. I messaged 2 politicians about it.”

Peter said “Wow u have a good heart. I want to ask you, were you born chrisitiane?”

I answered the question about being born Christian. “My parents both became Christians at a young age. Dad used to read me bible stories at night before bed.”

He replied, “You are so lucky,” and continued, “If I was born christiane, I would have been baptised on my birthday. I was so very happy for that. (being water baptised I presume).” 

“I wish I had been born * (in a Christian family)

I replied “Yes I am very blessed I need to make the most use. But I haven’t always been a Christian. I had to be born again. read John chapter 3. I asked Jesus to forgive me when I was 3 years old.”

Peter typed, “Ok, i will right now.”

I explained, “OK. It goes Matthew Mark Luke and John don’t get mixed up with 1 and 2 John.”

“ah, john 1 / 2 /3”

“Yes I don’t mean those. I mean the Injil of John.”

“very good so say injiil. Hhh. thank u.”


“I am in John 3, which verses?”

“Where it tells the story about nicodemus. Near the beginning.” (I wait awhile)

“Amen. We most born again. I was very happy in the day when I got baptised. The time stopped for me when i got inside water.”

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