Child Sacrifice Submission

This is a message I got from my friend Laura Brown on May 18th 2018, which dramatically changed my perspective on abortion in New Zealand.

Hi Lydia. I have taken the time to read your abortion law reform submission. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to do the submission. I wish that more Christians were willing to do that.

When I read it, it made me think of myself, not too long ago. God has done a lot in my heart, to change the way that I think about things in the past few years. I want to be able to reason with you, as a friend, and a sister, so please don’t be upset with me. When I read your submission, this is what I heard. I know that you didn’t mean it like this, but I think that if I put ‘into print’, how I heard it in my mind, that it would be helpful in you understanding the difference between how a prolifer thinks (pragmatically), and the way an abolitionist thinks (Providentially). Anyhow, here goes…

// To those who decide the laws controlling our freedoms and justice in (ancient) Israel,

I am a young woman living in Israel, a citizen by birth. I hope that my future and the future of other women in Israel, from this time forward, is one where we love and bring up children and also one where we are respected as women and our health is cared for. As such, I oppose the notion that we should liberalise child sacrifice.

Child sacrifice has been shown to be associated with a wide range of adverse physical and psychological outcomes for the women who sacrifice them. 1 I do not wish for this to become more common than it already is. It would be really hard to council somebody when she is in trauma because she has realized the gravity of what she has done to her baby. It would also be a terrible thing for and woman to be haunted by the thought that her child would now be at such-and-such a stage of life had she not wilfully put an end to that life- I know of women who feel this way after a child sacrifice.

I do not agree that regulations and safeguards around child sacrifice should be loosened up. Regulations are in place for the protection of the mother’s life, the child about to be sacrificed, sacrifice professionals, and society at large. If the mother is not properly informed of the health risks of child sacrifice, other options available to her, and if she is being coerced to sacrifice by a partner who is sexually abusing her, these things should be stopped by a just law. This is your responsibility as law-makers.

Whatever convinced you that hating babies enough to sacrifice was a good thing? It is pure evil, and should not be allowed more freely. Babies are indefensible but completely reliant on older people, both before and after birth. This is what Mother’s Day is about: our Mothers carried us around for 9 months, gave birth, and then changed our nappies and fed us after we were born. Their service to us as human beings is indispensable.

I am also concerned that it is likely that a change in law will not mean health professionals in Israel are less free to conscientiously object to child sacrifice.

I am also deeply concerned that more tiny babies with disabilities will be discriminated against to the extent of not counting them worthy of the gift of life which we have all been given. Downs syndrome is the typical example, but there are many others. When did it become right for me to decide that someone else’s life wasn’t worth their living? This is essentially what people are doing when they refuse to give a disabled newborn or older infant a shot at life, simply because they are disabled.

Another problem with liberalising child sacrifice is that gender-selective child sacrifice will become accessible in Israel. If parents are allowed to sacrifice children based on gender we will likely have gender imbalance problems in the Israeli population in future years. Gender selective child sacrifice is also another means of discrimination. Yours sincerely//

Do you understand what I am trying to convey? Babies within the womb, from the moment of fertilisation, are just as human as already born humans. God doesn’t view abortion (at any stage), any differently than child sacrifice of already born babies. We must not adopt worldly means to fight abortion. We must confront the sin of abortion with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and be like the Prophets of old. We must faithfully call for the abolition of all abortion, on the grounds that it is murder, and trust God for the results.

I replied to Laura Brown 5 and a half hours later with:

Very clear and a bit funny, how stupid it sounds. I minced words.
Understanding this message is what really turned the tables for me and I became a dedicated abolitionist of human abortion, and not merely a pro-lifer.

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