Biblical Resolution on Abortion

This is the resolution about abortion that my brother in Christ wrote as a Resolution for a Baptist Convention in America in 2018.

  1. Whereas because the shedding of innocent blood by abortion is considered legal, thus clouding the moral compass of the church;
  2. Whereas our culture has accepted unconstitutional decisions made by the judicial branch rather than by the Constitutional process of laws made by the legislative branch;
  3. Whereas God’s church needs to be clear and united about the need for legal protection for innocent blood by abortion as well as God’s church being clearly against any other murder;
  4. Whereas God’s church needs to stop legitimizing abortion by applauding its incremental regulation (legislative responsibility);
  5. Whereas God’s church needs to be the light on the hill, influencing our culture to the moral certainty of God’s judgment against the shedding of innocent blood;
  6. Be it therefore resolved that our members of God’s church will blow the trumpets, and break the pitchers hiding the light, as the 300 men under Gideon did, to see the enemy fight against itself, for the abolition of abortion. Judges 7: 20-22

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