Poem on Abortion Holocaust

Dear friends

On 19 September I heard someone say that since it was legalized in New Zealand, abortions had risen to over half a million [Kiwi children].

I felt to write a poem. This is the second one on the topic and is slightly varied from the first one.

September 19 this year [2018] was the Biblical Day of Atonement [practiced in the Old Testament and fulfilled when Christ died to atone for sins] and I felt the poem was a way to focus on the need call on the Lord about the Half Million.



O tribe of silent souls,

lying in unmarked graves,

bloodied half million

of little ones unborn:

Let this be your memorial

Let this be your wreath of mourning

Let this be your dawn parade.

Who has wept for you?

Why are we silent as the grave?

Are we dead also?

Where is your resting place?

Where the black stone wall

with your un-names engraved?

Let’s cry to their Headstone

Who made John leap in the womb

Let’s seek mercy for our nation

From the Rock of Salvation.


Kevin Dominic Vincent

7 October 2018\

Kevin’s blog: http://www.emmausrevelation.net/

close up of heart shape
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com



This sermon starts with powerful spoken word poetry on IVF.

Prayer of repentance

Church, Wake Up!

The ultimate sin of a nation that is in rebellion to God is child sacrifice. Because we live in these nations, we should desire the good of the nation and warn it to repent and not fall under the judgement of God. Ezekiel 18.30-32 and 20.25-26

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