Third week of COGY

I haven’t written a blog post for four days…. But I have just found that I didn’t post the last one after I had written it!!

On Monday night it was raining, but Tue, Wed and tonight I pedaled a good distance on COGY. It is getting faster to use, easier to pedal and keep my knees from knocking each other, and less painful on my ankles.

I try my new splints next Friday at the Hospital and get them fitted.

On Monday I got a haircut, and took the hairdresser through the Gospel. I asked her what she thinks happens after we die, and it was going pear-shaped so I prayed for help. I explained the Gospel anyway. After she had finished my hair, I told her some of my testimony and gave her a card and a thorough Gospel booklet. She was greatful and intrigued. God is SUCH a good helper! <Yeah, noted, He has a lot of practice.>

I gave out tracts and biblein11 cards wherever I went this week. I gave a booklet to a guy who was traveling with me in Ironside this afternoon when I came home from work.

On Wednesday, I shared the true Gospel with a girl from upstairs who used to be a zealous Mormon, and said she would get to Heaven because she has followed God. After sharing the Gospel, I asked her what she would read if she wanted to read the Bible. She didn’t know, so I gave her a pocket New Testament.

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  1. Koko with COGY says:

    I’m glad that to hear It is getting faster to use COGY. I’d like to hear more, especially when we catch up.


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