Today was harrowing

I had been planning all week to go out this afternoon to do evangelism. I had been planning to labor alongside my brother, who is unfortunately sick and couldn’t come. I determined I would still go and do work in the Lord’s field and not make excuses.

This morning was fine weather, so I was looking forward to the afternoon. I had carers coming at lunchtime for exercise so I had to wait anyway. However, when a carer got here, I looked out the window and exclaimed, “Oh, it’s foggy! I was going to go out this afternoon!” She told me it had also been raining before she got here. I thought God must not have planned for me to go out, after all, so I resigned myself to spending the afternoon indoors, and started watching YouTube.

The movie I was watching was very interesting and very good, but also very long. After about 10m watching, I saw the sun come out through my window. Praise God I realized after 30min that I couldn’t keep watching. There was still an hour left in the movie, and if I kept watching I would not get evangelism done. I had to labor while it was day (and fine day too). I shut my laptop in a hurry. When He says to obey, obey straight away.

On my powerchair, I met a lady I am friends with on my way out of WITT. I said I was going downtown to do evangelism. We got talking about Bible study group and when I encouraged her to share the Gospel with somebody, she said she needed to watch me to know how. Well, God is so good. We were saying goodbye to each other and I asked her to pray for me sharing the Gospel downtown. She then offered to come. We headed off together.

I put Abolish Human Abortion drop cards in the letterboxes down the street and gave an incarnation card to a couple at the lights. (They were really grateful, and she said it matched my T-shirt- it does!)

PurpleWomenFront_large Image from:

My friend and I were walking past McDonald’s when I suggested we go in there for a hot drink. This turned out to be a really good move, since we were running out of time to get to the library and back, anyway. Inside McDonald’s, I got to use the skills I’d learned from the long movie to prove to a man that we can know God made us and revealed himself through the Bible. I also gave away four more Christmas/ incarnation cards, and a Ten Commandments/ Gospel tract to a little girl.

After we left McDonald’s, my friend wanted to buy one of these drop cards so she could keep it. She paid me 60c for it. I think she has early dimentia, but she cares a lot about injustice and says she is a Christian. I have explained the Gospel to her twice and she has been coming to my Bible study.

We went to New World, where my friend paid me back for her hot chocolate by buying me shoelaces. I kept meeting Christians I know and realized afterward I had things I should have given them which I took on purpose. On the footpath, I gave pamphlets to 3 girls who wanted them in a group of 4-5. Gave an abortion/rape tract to a lady smoking, and a couple of cards to an Asian mother.

It started spitting and got bitterly cold on the way home, so I suggested we wait undercover by the laundromat to wait for the rain to stop. Lo and behold, there was a German tourist there waiting for her laundry. Of her own accord and without being prompted, my trainee opened up her purse and got out the memory verse (Mark 8:36) cards I had given her to give away. She asked if she should, I agreed, and my friend went over and gave the card to a woman she had never met before. The German lady read the card very carefully and followed all the instructions, but still couldn’t understand what the verse meant. I used this wonderful opportunity to show my friend how I share the Gospel in the most simple way I could.

Please pray for the people mentioned here, and pray for us, that words may be given us in the opening of our mouths to boldly proclaim the Gospel, and to make it clear as we should.

PS. Note to my colabourer. I was able to teach a lady who decided to come with me a lot of things you taught me. I was also encouraged and able to do my own job better today when witnessing through remembering things you said. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness, and thank you for your example.

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