Should Political Candidates Be Abolitionist or “Pro-Life”- NZ

This post comes after realising how little Kiwis know about Abolition and how little they actually care about the subject.

I am not talking of Kiwis in general, but specifically those who care about abortion and say they want it to end. We have all been in our mother’s wombs. We have all been through every stage of development. So we are all qualified to be a voice for those without a voice and to speak up for and do justice as a Nation. So why did I get lots of interest and comments on a video of me saying this, and relatively very little support for a petition calling for just that?

I have talked to many people in New Zealand who believe that abortion is wrong- and they are not Christians! They say, “It’s not the baby’s fault, why should you kill it?” I talked to least two Maori girls who think abortion is terrible. I have also spoken to an abortion advocate, and one young woman who told me, “It’s not alive until it takes a breath of air.” I was so stunned that I didn’t know how to answer her. What denial.

It is the role of civil law to educate the public of what is right. Romans 13:1 says that “there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Therefore, if someone is a politician or a political candidate, they are warned to pay heed to God because they are doing a job for him. Psalm 2 also says this. In Romans 13:4 it says, “They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.” So, punishing wrongdoers is a task of the authorities. This is so that the good and innocent will be protected.

I have found that most people are guilty of showing partiality towards the unborn. The unborn deserve the same protection as the born. Someone’s age, place of residence, size or level of development should not mean we treat murdering them any differently. Killing an unborn baby deserves the same penalty as killing a born child or an adult. The book written by James talks about showing partiality to the poor, which means being bigoted against the weak.

Any political candidate you are voting for should believe, know how to articulate, and be vocalizing this. We need people to support laws which say, “We will protect all human lives equally.” We need to grasp the truth of the matter, hold to the science which shows that an individual life begins at conception.

This Senator is debating the proposition of pro-life bills and why there are endless possibilities.Joseph Silk debating Pro-life bill

The fact of the matter is that people who ardently support abortion in any case will not support a pro-life bill search as a heartbeat bill. People who are opposed to abortion would be compromising to agree to such an unjust law. Either the unborn deserve equal rights to the born or abortion and infanticide can run rampant.

I have heard two political candidates say they are “very pro-life” and would like to see an end to abortion but do not want to take the step of advocating for a law that would truthfully protect the unborn as equally as the born. If they truly believe that we are fighting in a spiritual battle, they would do well to fight with the sword of the spirit and to put on the belt of Truth. We cannot win if we do not try.

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